Things we do

Building Maintenance

Routine maintenance

General repairs as needed


Sheetrock repairs

Light bulb replacement

And the list goes on- just call us for help

Commercial Inspections

Property "Health" Visits

Buying or Selling inspections

Routine property visits

Tenant inspections

Outdoor Services


Seasonal vendor management

Mulch refreshes

Parking lot sweeping and striping

Exterior lighting/ sign repairs


Do you just need some help understanding what your contractors are telling you?  We can help clarify what they are saying.

Facility Management

We take the burden of your facility off your shoulders.  We can develop a property plan to ensure your building is looking good and costs are staying within budget.


Are you a snowbird?  I would be too if I could.

We can provide residential check-ins for your home to ensure things are good while you are away enjoying warmth during the long winter months.